Environmental Products


The ecoSEPT has three compartments which allows for better waste decomposition than a conventional septic tank. The disposal water can distributed or stored in recharging wells. This will not contaminate ground water quality and the surrounding environment.

Economical and efficient, the ecoSEPT is made of high grade concrete and will not degrade as compared to septic tanks made of lightweight synthetic materials.

– eco-6 for 6 people
– eco-8 for 8 people

– Environmentally-friendly
– Durable
– Waterproof and watertight
– Can be traversed by vehicles
– Concrete quality minimal K-350 (> 350 kg/cm2)
– Longer term suctioning
– Can be put adjoining with clean water source


smartBIOSEPT is a biological septic tank made of concrete. It uses microorganisms to decompose the waste much faster and safer for the surrounding environment without the use of a disinfectant/chlorine.

As the smartBIOSEPT is made of concrete, it is able to withstand ground water pressure and will not uplift. Compared to synthetic and other plastic septic tanks, the smartBIOSEPT will not degrade over time.

– smart-6 for 6 people
– smart-8 for 8 people
– smart-10 to 10 people

– Environmentally friendly
– Waterproofing and watertight
– Equipped with a ready to use bacteria
– Does not require leach field
– Longer term suctioning
– Can be put adjoining with clean water source
– Suitable for areas with high ground water level
– Wastewater can be directly streamed to the city lines and is odorless


Dusaspun smartTank is made of high quality concrete which can be used as a water reservoir at your home. By using the smartTank it has resistance of more than 100 years, you do not need to drain and clean the water reservoir periodically.

The smartTank is coated with a non-toxic epoxy material. The tank has a strong cover made of composite material and equipped with a lift and lock latch. With the smartTANK, you need not worry about clean water supply in your home.

– 1.25 m3 and 2.00 m3 – vertical shape
– 3.00 m3 and 4.00 m3 – horizontal shape
– The inner layer is made of epoxy material (non-toxic)
– Cover made of composite material (green color) and equipped with a lift and lock latch

– Moss and mold resistant
– Can be traversed by vehicles
– Waterproof and watertight
– Ready to use and work easily
– Do not need a special foundation or casted
– Safe and has high level health standard
– Can be put adjoining with clean water source

Smart Well

Dusaspun’s smartWELL is an infiltration well product designed to preserve and improve the utilization of ground water. The smartWELL is made of high quality concrete with a porous surface to allow for maximum ex-filtration.

Rainwater can be collected directly from the roof gutter piping and filtrated back into the soil around your home helping for flood prevention.

– Environmentally friendly
– Practical and economical
– Can be traversed by vehicles
– Prevents soil degradation
– Workmanship is easy and fast
– Superior ex-filtration rate of porous concrete is vastly improved to competing catchments

Grease Trap

The Grease Oil Trap is the perfect solution for dealing with fats and oils waste disposal without harming the environment. It is suitable for use in commercial areas such as restaurants or factory areas.

This high-tech tank is made of concrete and has several compartments. These compartments allow the waste oil/fat to be separated from water and released in an eco-friendly manner.

NG2 – 0,7 m3
NG4 – 1,4 m3
NG7 – 2,4 m3
NG10 – 3,4 m3
NG15 – 5,1 m3
NG20 – 8,0 m3
NG25 – 10,0 m3