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Open Job Listings

The Recruitment Process

Step 1. The Application

Browse through the JOB LISTINGS to find a suitable role then click the APPLY NOW link to fill-out our on-line application form. Please don’t forget to attach your Curriculum Vitae.

Our Human Resources Department will then filter and analyze the submitted applications to match individuals to the available roles within the Dusaspun Group. Please allow 1-2 weeks to receive a notification e-mail of whether you have been selected for an opening round interview.

Step 2. The Interview

The purpose of our interviews are to assess your potential technical and cultural fit at the Dusaspun Group. However, it also provides a chance for you to better understand the opportunities and the experiences on offer at the various companies within the Dusaspun Group.

Typically, there will be two rounds of interviews. The first will be with our Head Recruiter or our Hiring Manager. The second interview will be with a relevant Direct Supervisor or Division Manager.

Step 3. The Evaluation & Job Offer

First of all, congratulations on reaching this stage of the process. Our Human Resources Department will send you a notification e-mail of our decision within 3-4 weeks of your latest interview.





Glimpse at Dusaspun Life

Learning Never Ends

“Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime.”

Learning is a life-long adventure. Your education does not end on the last day of school. At the Dusaspun Group, our dynamic and challenging work environment provides you ample opportunity for professional and personal growth. So discover your passion and become the newest member of the Dusaspun family! Choose to build a career here and acquire a lifetime’s worth of invaluable skills and experience.

Future Leaders and Management Track

Our in-house Dusaspun University training program is an initiative that caters to everyone in the group from fresh graduates to even the longest-tenured veterans of the company. Coupled with promising on-the-job performance, standouts from the DusaspunUniversity can potentially be selected for our dedicated management track.

Our group’s philosophy is to always promote from within based on longstanding merit and loyalty. As such, the group takes a vested interest in developing our next generation of devoted and brilliant leaders.

Dusaspun Philosophy

Joining Dusaspun is more than finding a new workplace; it is about becoming part of a new family. We aim to nurture high-caliber, well-rounded individuals who take pride in their jobs and who enjoy working together to please all our stakeholders.