Address: Gedung Alia Lantai 5
              Jl. M.I. Ridwan Rais No. 10-18
              Gambir. Jakarta 10110, Indonesia

Tel:         (62-21) 386 7747 - 386 7737

Fax:         (62-21) 386 7720




Dusaspun offers a wide array of precast concrete infrastructure products including pipes, U-ditches, box culverts, and manholes. Applications for our infrastructure products range from storm sewer drainage to waste water distribution.


Dusaspun has expanded its product offerings to include pre-stressed products. Projects in recent years have included corrugated sheet piles, pre and post-tensioned I-girders. Dusaspun is now equipped to supply Indonesia’s ever-growing infrastructure needs.


Dusaspun has long championed the cause for green construction and sustainable building. The company not only promotes environmentally-friendly production and construction processes, but it also has researched and development products such as ground water tanks, biological septic tanks, and porous wells for a greener living solution.


Dusaspun has always prided itself on its uncompromising commitment to the highest quality. Through this core value borne visible products such as exterior facade panels, road barriers, and planter boxes. Through countless collaborations with our customers, we have established an extensive resume of aesthetically beautiful and unique precast concrete products.


Dusaspun has the capability to design and manufacture custom precast products based on customer needs.